Monday, June 21, 2010

A week Of Food!

Here are some of the pics of foods that i ate while i was at home in Kota Damansara!

Two weekends ago, tata went to JB.
On her way there she stopped at an R&R and bought DODOL for me...!!
Mummy & Along went to Penang by Flight.
Mummy brought back muffin for me!
SOo Sweeeet!!!!!

These are Donashi from
Big Apple.
Anissa and Azza bought it for us.
There were like 28 pieces.
We took 12 and the rest were brought back to Sec16 for Family B and Azza.

These loaves of breads are from Penang.
Daddy bought it.
We call it Roti Banggali.
And Below is the Sekaya.
The best Sekaya and Daddy bought 12 of them.
I think. Or was it more than that?



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