Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Get Organized.

Are you feeling overwhelmed?

Do you often feel that there are not enough hours in the day to complete everything you need to accomplish?
Have you ever felt like screaming...
"Someone please help me Organize This Life!"

Well, you are in luck because I can help you organize your home, your office and your life! As a professional organizer I work with many people that would like to become organized but just don't know where to start.
My job is to help them find ways to organize their lives, while keeping in mind their individual needs and life styles.
The two things that set me apart from many other professional organizers are:

1) I specialize in organizing moms and children's clutter. Due to the fact that I also own a semi-annual children's consignment event AND have two small children of my own I am passionate about helping moms get organized so that they feel less over- whelmed and can get more done during the day.

2) I like to re-use what you already have in your home for storage and organizers. I think many times people run out and waste too much money and resources by purchasing all these cute, expensive organizers and storage units. Of course I love a cute organizing tool more than anyone and you can do this if you prefer, but I like to help clients "live green and organize green" by using what they already have first. Plus you can save money this way!

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Jennifer Ford Berry

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Publisher Comments:

The Ultimate Organizer for Moms is perfect for every new mom and mother to be. Guaranteed to make her life easier, this charming but hard-working journal has room for her to record everything she won't want to forget, such as her child's medical records, birthday parties, playmates, teachers, favorite toys, baby sitters,
and those all-so-important "firsts."
There's space for mom to plan and track her pregnancy (also filled with helpful hints).
She can design her baby's bedroom, keep a detailed health journal, and hoard photographs and mementos -
not to mention use the ample journal space to write down all those special memories as they happen.
The Ultimate Organizer for Moms comes with a front and a back pocket and is held snugly together by an elastic band.

The Ultimate Organizer for Moms is beautifully designed in the spirit of Welcome's best-selling Little Big Book series.
Drawing on the charming vintage children's book illustrations and the poems and literary quotes so beloved in The Little Big Book for Moms,
this organizer is designed with all the fun, magic, and wonder of early childhood.

This charming but hard-working journal has room
for everything a mom needs to record from pregnancy through year five,
including birthday parties,
baby sitters,
doctor's appointments,
and the all-important first.
Filled with helpful hints and room for photos and thoughts,
as well as vintage art and inspiring quotes



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