Monday, June 7, 2010

Gaza NEWS 06062010

Some articles found in the net pertaining to the latest news on GAZA.

1) Israel and the aid convoy: How to make enemies:To cap it all, the Israeli prime minister yesterday rejected calls for an international inquiry.Israel's defiant reaction to the raid on the Gaza aid convoy is almost as appalling as the attack itself.

2) Israel rejects multinational inquiry into flotilla attack: UN-proposed commission into flotilla raid is dismissed as global pressure grows for Israel to ease its blockade of Gaza

3) Israel seeks internal inquiry of deadly flotilla raid: Facing pressure from the United Nations and others, Cabinet leaders are leaning toward an Israeli-led probe that might include international observers.

4) A new assesment on brining relief to Gaza has to be made, says Dr Mahathir

5) BSMM Hantar Misi Bantuan Ke Gaza Bulan Depan

6) Israel expels activists as Gaza pressure grows



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