Thursday, June 10, 2010

This Week's Movies

Watched these movies. Kudos to Fareez for sharing them with me.

Cracks is adapted from a novel by Sheila Kohler.
Some reviews of the novel:
Compare this with Lord of the Flies, but with girls instead of boys.
Wonderful writing.Creepy story.
Incredibly creepy for such a small book.


About :
Some comments about this movie:
It's cloaked in dark humour, but has a profoundly moving core, and while grief is one of its themes, it's not remotely depressing. It's cathartic. It aims at the sorts of emotions that many of us have carefully kept buried, only to release them.- RottenTomatoes.

This story has 4 deaths and two families coping with it. A good watch for those who would like to know what goes in a mind of a grieving person-nothing.-sizarifalina


In Peacock, Nebraska, a bank clerk's quiet life is shattered by a train crashing into his backyard revealing a woman living there
A surprisingly effective (given its miniscule theatrical release) sub-Hitchcock thriller with an excellent cast- RottenTomatoes.
WHOA! this is so like Psycho but in a different setting. You will be figuring out how it will end. Yesh!- sizarifalina



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