Friday, June 4, 2010

Bags Lagik

Nice bags kan?
All under rm50
and can be bought at

Often people ask me,
What do i look for in a bag?
Why did i buy a particular bag?

First i see the design. Some designs are unique or are the latest ones.

Then i look at the price!. Is it worth it?
Some bags are so small and with the price i can buy a bigger and better bag.

Next is the material and what would i use it for.
Dinner? Suede or Velvet or sequin is ok.
For daily use
[ Indoors - cotton or PVC is enough ]
[Outdoors - leather is preferable]

I will peep whether the bag has external pocket or zips.
This comes in handy when i want to keep my car keys and parking tickets.

I'll make sure that the bag is secured with a zip or a flap.
Don't want those pick pockets to have a go in my bag!

the brand.
Some brands i would collect for it's durability and design.
[Fossil/Coach/Marc Jacobs/Suzy Smith/Lesportsac]



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