Monday, December 13, 2010

Yuna & Hana = Siz & Nina

Met Yuna and Hana at Map Solaris at 6pm.

Door gifts!

Bought the Snood!

Would like to thank Azrin Razman & Ahmad Faris!
My ex-students!
Hope to meet you guys again soon.

And of course to my dearest CBN sister,
Sis Nina.
Will never forget the KILLER HEELS!
Muahs to you dear!


mizzura said...

huwa....envy dengan kamu sbb dapat pergi sana....snoods to macam best jer pakai buat ganti inner

SiZ said...

:P snoods tuh lawa sangat...bought it for rm55..10% discount..ada zip kat belakang...checkout her website ya!


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