Tuesday, December 14, 2010

This is my teacher...


Before you make any assumptions.

Qi is NOT my ex-student!!.

I am not THAT old kay.
He is a year older than I am.
Felt flattered when  he said I look 25.

I like his character/personality.

An awesome host for Destinasi Budget.

Great actor in BloggerBoy

A chatterbox indeed.

He was the drummer for OAG.


I was busy talking to him when,
AZRIN said

" Qi , this is my teacher!"


Anyway, Faris was a debater and Azrin was in my drama team - the scriptwriter!
[We won the Best Drama & Best Director & Best Actor Award for that year!]

These two are now in the Yuna Crew.

I would at least bump into Faris once a year.
 He is in the entertainment industry.
Azrin? An aspiring lawyer - but decided to join Faris instead.

So proud of you guys.
I hope you are happy and enjoying your work like I did back in MRSMBP [2001-2007]

[pics by Ms Nina]



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