Wednesday, December 22, 2010

A date with Le Meridien Hotel...

I went to Le Meridien Hotel this morning with Kak Anisah, Kak Z and Epol.

We attended a demo by TM Smart School on their software LectureMaker.

In this entry , I would like to share with you some of the pictures I took.

Basically it will be on food and us!

As morning refreshment as we arrived.
Coffee and 2 pieces of biscuits.

Morning break : Some 'otak2', oreo cake, sandwhich and sausage roll.

My lunch! Lasagna , Lamb Tandoori .....

My dessert : fruits, pudding , honey dew shot....

Simply scrumptious, toothsome,...
Definitely palatable!

This EPOL the Multimedia Programmer.

Kak Anisah [Subject Matter Expert-SME ] and Kak Z [ Multimedia programmer]

Kak Anisah and I !!

More info on the hotel : Click here!



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