Tuesday, December 14, 2010

MiRRORs 2nd Issue.

Bought this magazine yesterday.
Kak Hapipah informed me last week about this magazine.

It features a wide range of shoes/sandals/wedges!

Not forgetting dresses and tops!

And also accessories...

Some articles :-

Interesting Facts About Strawberries.
Fashion Feature : It's A Party Month!
MiRRORs Celebrity Diary : Radio DJ, TV host and actress Gan Mei Yan.
Fashion: Clothes [ two coloured, safari brown ,dramatic black...]
Fashion : Bags [tote,satchel,travel bag...]
Fashion: Shoe [ballet flats,wedge heels,pumps...]
Beauty Report.
Makeup Tutorial.

It also has some selections of pre-loved designer bags from Glampot & Lovey Goody.
[Coach,Burberry,MiuMiu,Chanel,Prada,Louis Vuitton...]



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