Friday, December 17, 2010

Just Like Any Other Week..?


A lot of things happened to me this week.
And this weekend i am off to Lumut with my family for BPS's Family Day.

Went to Yuna & Hana Meet and Greet!
Met both of them, ex-students and Qi!
Had a great time chit chatting with Ms Nina [ my senior in high school CBN]
We bought the Snoods by Maysaa

Nothing exciting

i) Received my Hobo from

ii) Bought myself RayBan Sunglasses - 45% off!

Bought it at MOG Maju Junction.
[Planning to wear it to Lumut - yes, seriously i do not own a pair ]

iii) Had tea with Tata after i picked her up at Paramount LRT Station.

i) Had a meeting at work [ so stressful!]
ii) Went to meet Iesha and parents at KD
iii) Watched Sex in the City 2 [ kinda boring actually - or is it because i was alone and tired?]

i) Praying hard to receive the cheque for me to get my CAR!
ii) Hoping that my sunglasses will be ready by 2.30pm
iiI) Lunch time i am planning to meet Tata at Kl Central.
yes, she is working now.

Saturday & Sunday


Anyway , there are alot of things in my mind actually.
Planning to pour it out.

1. When you attend a talk/listening to a you go with an open mind or do you just plan to reject all the ideas being thrown at you?

I observe that it is better to have an open mind.
Simply because , some times you need to see things from others' point of view.
So that you will get the best output and generate great  ideas on what you can do.

Hate it when people tend to be so defensive and reject others' opinion.
Hate it also when I point out something - it would end up being pointless and rejected.
but when another person points out the same thing , it is accepted.
End up with me saying this to myself 'Didn't i say that?'

2. A lot of people have been 'showing off' around me lately.

Bragging non stop about things that they bought or things that the received.

Why do they have to do that?

It is okie to do so with close friends , because close friends would be delighted for you.

But when people start to go on and on about it.
Telling their 'news' to everyone they meet.

But then i guess , they never had the privilege to own those things since young.
So when it is in their grasp now , they show off.

3. Children who are out of control.

This, I see everywhere.

Children swearing non stop like nobody's business.


Simply because their parents do so at home or in public

I was surprised when i heard a 5 year old girl saying B*bi!
And her mother just said "Eh! Jangan"
And that was it.

My goodness.
Maybe i was brought up in a different environment all together.
No swearing words in my house!

I can't even say AKU and KAU.

4. No gentleman on the road ya!

Hmmm this is sad.
Men tend to be road bullies and drive the lady drivers crazy nowadays!
[pun intended]

They cut queues like it is the end of the world and they need to get to their destination ASAP.



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