Friday, December 3, 2010

Generation Gap?

I posted this earlier on my FB, and this was a feedback from my ex-student.

Mieka Ali

Mieka Ali Teenagers/young adults, they think they sound cool without realising that they end up being rude,disrespectful,ungrateful & arrogant!

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    • SF I just went to a course about generations gap. Actually they are like that, you probably generation Y and me is in generation X. We tend to be so open about everything that makes baby boomers especially think that we are rude, does not think about our future, take everything for granter, yet we are success and lead to a great future. It is generation gap that perceive different generations differently.
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So what is Generation X and Y? i heard it once last year when i attended an e-Learning talk.
About how the teaching trend has changed now. But i did not read into it any further.

So are you interested? Click here!



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