Monday, December 20, 2010

Dapat SMS-SMS Pelik?....

Eh! Korang ada tak dpt SMS mcm nih?
I keep receiving this type of SMSes.
and it is bugging me like H***.
Why do they con people like this?
It is so mean!

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AMI.FAHMI said...

BB dapat last month mesej tu. haha

SiZ said...

geram tau dpt sms mcm tuh..nasib baik la i dont call anyone PAKCIK or AYAH! bff's mother dpt..and her grandfather dah passed away..Mana nak tersentap kan?

Nina said...

i got the first one 2 weeks ago. tergelak i baca at first ahahhaha. the number yang hantar sms tuh nombor indon, mana tak nye.

SiZ said...

yang first tuh mcm nak 30sen jer..hahahaha


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