Friday, December 10, 2010

Are you familiar with

She is the famous fashionista from Indonesia.

and now she has her own line of shoes.

She sells from size 36 [23.5cm] till 41 [26.5cm]

Let's shop!

"UP is the brainchild of Diana Rikasari, a believer that a pair of pretty shoes would always make her day. On the road, in the classroom, inside the taxi, she would always stare at her shoes and think how lucky she is to have her feet covered with beauties.

UP is established in the end of year 2010, with hopes to spread happiness around the world. We want to see you walking happily, because you know you’ve got the right shoes on. And by being happy, we ensure that you feel good about it, because you know that walking in them means helping the less priviledged ones. For every pair of UP shoes you purchase, IDR 5.000 is allocated for charity.

UP shoes are made-to-order, which helps us minimize waste and inventory cost. By doing so, we are able to offer you affordable prices at the expense of your 14 days of wait.

UP shoes come with passion and purpose. 100% Indonesian"

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