Saturday, December 11, 2010

DVD : Romance in Summer Rainbow

I am watching this at the moment.
My favourite Japanese Actor : Matsumoto Jun!!

Jun will play Taiga, a not-so-popular second-generation actor. 
His father was a very popular actor in his time.
 But Taiga, only get to appear in variety shows, most of the time. 
He's a "tsundere" type of guy who meets a beautiful woman, Shiori (Takeuchi Yuko).
 Shiori is a very cheerful woman who laughs away all problems/worries she has, exactly the opposite with Taiga. 
Shiori is the kind of person who never worry about details. 
A perfect love story for the summer


Nina said...

mak aii handsome nya!

SiZ said...

Kak Nina! he is soooo cute! have been following all his tv series .... Gokusen1...Smile..Bambino


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