Wednesday, December 1, 2010

2 days MC

I had trouble breathing this morning.
The office was so cold.
Too cold for me.

Then I had my Asthma attack!

I quickly went to the nearest clinic at my office.

Then i took the Nebuliser.

By this time , I was shaking so badly.

My chest was in pain [ and still is ]

I went back at 130pm.

The Doctor gave me two days of Medical Leave.

She wanted me to go to the hospital, which i refused due to me being in KL.

I had gather all the strength I had to drive myself home.

Due to me being so eager to rich home and sleep,
I did not realise that the nurse failed to give me my INHALER!
What the heck, i took the cough syrup and ended up sleeping till 6.30 p.m!

And now i am still coughing and it hurts really bad.

My brain feel like it is going to blow each time i cough.

Pity Hubby Daddy Ali.

He has to put of with me coughing like my internal organs are going to come out through my mouth!

Wish me Well dear readers!



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