Monday, December 20, 2010

Benefit : Confession of a Concealaholic!

I recently went to a Benefit Make Up Counter to grab the latest catalogue.
Oh My ! I straightaway fell in love with this!

The kit includes:

“that gal” – This is Benefit’s brightening face primer. It’s a lightweight pink cream that adds radiance to the entire complexion and helps makeup last longer. It’s also nice to apply high on the cheeks, like a traditional highlighter, for a midday pick-me-up.

erase paste – This is a creamy brightening concealer that’s designed especially for dark under eye circles. I haven’t had the best luck with this concealer; it settled in the lines around my lines. But I have friends who swear by the stuff. The set includes shade no. 2 medium.

boi-ing – This is what Benefit calls its “industrial strength” concealer. I have better luck with this one for my under eye area. It has a thicker consistency, making it especially good for covering up blemishes. You get two shades of boi-ing (01 and 02) so you can fiddle around to get just the right shade.

lemon aid – This is a soft yellow primer that evens out discoloration on the lids so you can have prettier-looking eye lids even if you don’t feel like bothering with eye shadow or if you want eye shadow colors look more true – not muddied up by redness in the skin.

eye bright – This is a little secret weapon for making eyes look brighter and more awake. Dot it on the inner and outer corners after a night of not enough sleep or in the afternoon when you’re feeling ragged – or both.

Brushes – You get two double-sided brushes – so four brushes really – one to use with each product.

You also get a little booklet that shows how to use all the products. It’s nice to have the illustrations if you’re not quite sure where everything goes.

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Yes there are FAKE Benefit product out there already.

The explanation in this video is very detail.



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