Wednesday, November 24, 2010

tak habis2 lagik ke?

-i seriously do not know how to react to something that i found out this afternoon.

-she is still bad mouthing me.

-Haiya woman! get a life la!

-Well i is kinda difficult to say much about her.

-Someone commented
" Eh  kawan you tuh dah mcm sakit jiwa. I think she needs help!"

-Gulp! I terus tak jadi nak marah minah tuh , sebab yer la...she is pathetic la jugak to still bad mouthing about me.

-Kesian - entah sampai bila dia nak sedar that she needs perfessional help to let go of her anger and what not.

-nih lah dia - nak tolong org...last2 diri sendiri terkena...ishk ishk ishk.

- a few things i learned from my experience as her 'friend'

1) when you want to help someone - make sure that someone deserves it - if not , you'll end up hurt.

2) wealth brings you no where.

3) i really have to continue working - i am not the type to stay home.

4) to continue to earn my living.

5) do not depend on others.

6) there are so many mean people out there - they might look innocent and sweet , but deep down, only Allah knows!

7) to appreciate my BFFs more. Hihihihihi



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