Friday, November 26, 2010

In Laws..and family culture.

23 months.

Yup it is already 23 months since i became a wifey to my high school crush - Mr. Mohd Ali Omar.

And yesterday we had a long talk.

It is true when they say that when a misunderstanding occurs in a relationship - the couple should sit and talk about it. [ not shout at each other! - sit and talk senses]

So that was what we did last night. 2 solid hours of comparing , suggesting and finally found a few solutions to our problem.

Even though we were brought up in KL/PJ , our family cultures totally differs.

It is kinda difficult to find similarities in both of our families. [ apart from having the same silverware and what not ]

You see the biggest difference with my Mother and my Mother-in-Law(MIL) is that - when it comes to kenduri [ those in different states ] , my mom would opt out while my MIL would - LET's Go!. Hihihihihi...

Sometimes, we end up going to different Kenduri - Me with  my parents and Ali with my MIL. SERIOUS!!

Next would be the vollume - with my family , you can hardly hear what we say but with Ali's family , err no comment.

And the list goes on and on and on ...

There are times when i feel like choking my hubby to his senses. [ i bet he feels the same way too ]

Whatever it is - talk to each other.

p/s In our case - we had kitty sleeping here and there in our room , was kinda hard to be serious when kitty gave us weird posses.



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