Monday, November 8, 2010

of backaches and headaches.

I am home alone at the moment - well not really. Kitty is sleeping on Ali's chair. I had to let the other two out because they were too noisy. Ali is yet to come home. Pity him, he has to head back to his office from the site. Anyway, i cooked. I ate. Arjuna is on tv3 - ah yes the tv is on. My hp is being charged. I have Jodi picoult's House Rules next to me on the bed. I just had Cadbury Zip and thinking about the Kiwi Ice Cream in the fridge. It is just another mundane monday for me. Plus the backaches and headaches and whatever aches that are possible. My head feels light - but in pain. Burping alot - due to the windy body i guess. Things were normal at work - ops! no internet connections - hence , bored to death. urgh! i have pieces of food stuck in between my teeth! Should i watch muzik-muzik 25 at 10pm? Oh ya! now i know that Gambit and Shayz are two different people.Hahahaha- come on, they look alike. Kes , Wednesday 10th Nov - will be watching that - it is going to be about Pudu Jail. OOOOOOooooOOOOooo.


ehem! catchy gak lagu APA KU KISAH nih...


Nina said...

Gambit is handsome! Kan? kan?

Anyhow, how's your pain going on? Camner boleh dapat arthritis nih? Pity you


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