Sunday, November 7, 2010

I should have known better.

I should have known better.
I should have known better.

and i will keep on saying this everyday.

Recently i heard someone said this " No one wants to marry you if you have Masters."

Then i realize that, 80% of men feel in secure with independent women.

I was and trying to be again - an independent woman.

I knew what i wanted in life.

I could not be bothered with what other people think about me.

I strive to be the best.

I was myself as i could be myself without anyone saying STOP!.

The most important thing - I WAS HAPPY and FREE.

I loathe whiny women - who wants a bf/hubby to buy things for them.
I loathe women who are so damsel in distress most of the time.
I loathe women who does not even know how to get a cab or ride a bus.
I loathe women who gossip about others so that they would 'LOOK' better.
I  loathe women who thinks they are rich just because their bf/husband is.

I want to be myself again, please let me.

I want to be able to make decisions.
I want to be able to smile and say 'yes i did it'.
I want to be able to let go of this anger without hurting anyone.

Now i really realize that - No one can make me feel better , other than MYSELF>

I will never depend on anyone else to make this world a better place for me.

I will always seek forgiveness and strength from ALLAH.

I will DO my best to be a devoted MUSLIM.


Nina said...


You go girl!


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