Thursday, November 4, 2010

FB does not mean Facebook to me...

It has whole different meaning all together.

Tarik nafas.....only i can make me sad..yada-yada-yada..

Need to find other ways to channel out my anger and frustration.

Why is that , when my status updates does not concern you but others - you get all happy and gossippy like?
But when you 'think' that it is about you, you get all angry and pissed?

So how does it feel to be happy on others' expenses?

Kawan nangis ramai, kawan happy sikit?..YEKE?

kenapa lak mcm bila kita sedih, ramai yang tepuk tangan?

Bila kita happy ramai org dengki?

Hmmmm...DUNIA jer kan..


p/s too much anger in me nowadays.



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