Friday, November 26, 2010

Readers of our blogs.. you get this feeling...that when you read someone's blog whom you are  not keen off , you tend to judge every actions they take? or you tend to scrutinise their words ? or even you would end up taking their words literally?

But when you read about someone's blogs whom you have never met or like , you tend to say "awww so cute" ... " that is nice.." bla bla bla..

Why is that?

I think we better stop reading blogs of those we hate/ dislike/ loathe yada yada yada - cause i will end up hurt / sad / angry and what not.

So just a reminder to me and to you [ hihihiih ] : Stop reading a blog when you start to mumble to yourself hatefull words about the blog owner.

Why waste the energy to be angry and sprinkle negative aura to people around you.

Hihihi do you agree?



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