Monday, November 15, 2010

Pink Penelope.

Hmmm- hari jumaat lepas , Mieka was so down and blue.
Habis Yaya kena maki tak pasal2..kesian cik kak tuh.

Anyway, masa dok baca tweets, ternampak my nieces nyer tweets.

Maka on Sunday morning [ they were like 2 hours late! ] - Pink Penelope picked me up!

So we went straight to Uniqlo KL...

Anissa & Aisya trying out tops!

I bought these from UNIQLO - Fleece Jacket & Very thick and cute socks! 
"Mak Ngah , are you going some where for winter?!" Aisya asked.
" Yes , my office!"

Oh BTW, i bought these from Charles & Keith.
My feet and back have been giving me these excruciating pain.

Oh ya! This is Penelope's owner.
Petite Anisot.

BTW! Pj and KL drivers, beware!
She is out there driving like mad!
@azazarif [ her bf la ] please guide her well.


Anonymous said...

siz, i really admire ur crumple shawl yg black n white tu..hehe how much did u buy dat?

SiZ said...

dear anonymous..check here ya darling


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