Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Blogging at 6am

Yes i awoke at 545am today - just 30 minutes earlier than i usually would.
early - too early..but then it is just extra 30 minutes - should be okie and i do not think that it would kill me.
tons of things are in my mind

1) my car loan - when will it be approved and would i get the car before Raya Haji?

2) starting a new project with my bff . Would it be a success? Nowadays everyone has to have a project. to either keep them sane or occupied. to me it would be both. maybe to some others, they have different set of reasons. Wish me luck in this please.

3) Bandung trip - yesterday flights to Jakarta and Bandung were canceled. And also i have this knee problem. would i be able to join the entourage around Bandung? 40% chances i'll be okie.

4) getting bored with my 730-430 job. Need to figure out a way to - or two or three to spice things up. when i am bored, i tend to go literally crazy.

5) what the heck are wrong with my knees? mcm lutut second hand jadiknya. berbunyi2 when i walk. not to mention the excruciating pain

6) i think jinggo and kitty are not well - hmmmmm

7) i really have to stop buying bags. it has gone to 'going overboard'. But who am i kidding right?

8) why have a find less pleasure in reading nowadays? i am so not focused. it shows that my concentration level has gone to - 10 minutes tops! need to really figure out why before i loose touch on that!

Okie , i think that should be enough for this morning. 8 adalah nombor ONG kan?

By the way, have a great Wednesday everyone!



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