Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Cheating Wives & Cheating Husbands.

For the past few months i have heard various stories on cheating husbands and cheating wives. The stories of being cheated infuriated me. But then up to a certain extend i guess we are just normal humans with limitations.

One story i would like to share is how a husband with kids cheated on his wife many times.
A true story as i know them both personally.
Not once, but many times.
His latest prize is an 18-year-old girl.
His age? hmmmm above 30 , that is all i am going to say.

How would you feel when you husband's girlfriend proudly said that you husband does not love you anymore?.

Mind you, their marriage was not arranged.
They were  madly in love with each other and they got married. But still, he cheated on her.

Okie let us analyze the situation.

Maybe he is not satisfied with his wife.
Maybe some of his wife's habits get on his nerve.
Maybe, maybe....but then if their love is strong,
all this can be outcomed right?.

When you love someone, alot of exceptions can be made right?.

Unconditional love - that is what it is called.

There are wives who would just endure the pain of being cheated. Hoping that their husband would one day realise that he had made a mistake cheating on her.
How about abusive husbands?.
Hmmmmm... if you love your wife so dearly, would you hit her?.

Some husbands do not realise how much pain their wife is in and how much their wife love them - that is why she is still with him right?

A working wife would ges up early in the morning to get the kids ready for school. Then she goes to work. In the evening , after work she has to clean the house, cook for the family, wash the laundry and all....gosh!

The husband would come back and demand to be treated like a king. WHOA!

Unfortunately - that is the trend nowadays.
Sad but true.
Before marriage , eveything is nice and sweet and beautiful.

But when rights is overruled by responsibility - a marriage can shatter.

Reason i am writing this - i just hate it when a married person hurt their spouse - why get married in the first place?.
another alarming trend is that - the wife is the breadwinner.

p/s dear baby, hang on ya - your family and close friends will support you no matter what ... just do not loose yourself. Some people are just plain stupid and selfish.I;ll cry with you, i'll smile with you, i will be there for you. XOXO-siz



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