Monday, October 11, 2010

With friends like these...

... i do not need enemies.

Well, as usual i have problems with people.

Dah lama tak emo kan?

But actually with friends and RELATIVES like these...i do not need enemies.


Most of us would pick and choose things that are relevant to  us.

Unfortunately, we do so with religion too.

Some of us would choose which ever rules of our religion that ONLY suit our lifestyle.

Some would perform prayers when we have the time.

Some would be kind to family members if they bring benefits to us.

Some would wear hijab when the weather is not so hot.

Some would ....

AAAhhhh the list goes on and on and on.

Frankly, i have alot of things going on in my mind now.

But it is all jumbled up.

If you decide to click X. it is okie, i do not mind...


Invitations to open houses and weddings are coming in daily nowadays.

It is the time of the year i guess.

Alieka had a few per weekend.

Unfortunately, we could not attend all.

Ali was working and still is during the weekends too.

And with my health conditions, Alieka can only go to 2 per day.

Yesterday, we discussed a topic regarding to this.

He is afraid that some would find it RUDE for us not to go to those open houses or weddings.

I told him, it is not.

and also we Alieka should not feel offended when people do not come to our open houses too.


We do not know what goes on in other families.
Maybe it is a burden for them to attend to occasions
or they are not well or they have other important  matters to attend to.

So basically, i just said to him...we should never feel that others HAVE to come!

Be reasonable...

One thing i learned in my life is not have high hopes or high expectations on others.

Because if i do, i would hurt myself the most.

What say you?


Spouses who lies?

Well one thing i told Ali over and over again.

Please do not lie to me.

Even though i might not like the place where u are going to or the company that you are keeping, do not ever lie.

I kept hearing husbands telling lies to their wives...not telling the truth on their whereabouts.

Why do they lie?

If it is wrong... then they lie? If it is wrong..just don't do it laaaa  KAN?

But i guess some wives tend to be unreasonable sometimes.

What is the point of getting married if you do not trust your husband.

Takyah la call your hubby every HOUR!..


yes i trust Ali.. it might backfire me one day...but trust is something that you need to gain and earned.

When you love someone , u tend to be lenient...


Eh tak pergnant lagi?

Haiyaaa..this question really tests my patience.

Is it a crime not to have a child within a year of marriage?

Geram k..

Nowadays i just smile.

Believe in Allah..PLEASE! He knows best!.

p/s whenever anyone ask that question - i feel as if they are saying " Don't you have sex?!"



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