Thursday, October 21, 2010

Iesha's trip...


When my officemate went back to pick up her daughter from the nursery,
I was rushing back to pick up my Baby Iesha from the Vet!

It took me about 40 minutes to reach the destination.
I had to pay extra for the extended stay.
Did not want to torture Iesha but i was so drowsy and tired on Monday and Tuesday.

When I saw her, eyes half closed , my panic button was switched on!

Alhamdulillah, Iesha was just sleepy.

She was sleeping when the 'Kakak' picked her up.

I quickly held her gently.
"Sya...Mummy nih.."

She looked confused.
I placed her on the co-pilot seat.
But she quickly jumped down to the my side...

Then i placed her again on the seat.
She just sat straight.
Looking around her while I drove us both home.

"Tok Daddy!! Iesha is home!!!"

After a few minutes, after sniffing here and there,
she sat at her favourite spot.

I have to admit, she has all the reasons to be angry at me.
I promised to pick her up on Monday
[cats know the days of the week!]
She was locked up in a cage for 2 days extra.
Her legs were weak.
She toppled over when i stopped the car at a junction.
She took small steps to sniff around the porch.
My dad called out her name several times.
But , she ignored.
Until my dad did the most magical thing
[this works for all cats!]
He took her bowl and filled it with her biscuits.
The sound of the biscuits hitting the bowl ,
made her ears twitched.

I laughed when i saw how confused she was.
She was trying to figure out what was her next step.


But then, she ignored the bowl filled with biscuits
and tiptoed to her spot.

15 minutes laters,
she tiptoed back to her house and went in.

[still in the merajuk mode!]

She went in and ate her food.

So, i went into my house to take my shower and all.


When i came down to say hi to her
she was begging for me to open her door.

okie that was mean.

Anyway, we bonded.

She is not angry with me anymore...

"Iesha, Tok Daddy and Tok Mak wont be around next week.
Mummy will pick you up on Sunday.
You'll be back with your sisters and brother.
Oh ya! and Daddy..."



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