Monday, October 11, 2010


...BFF i.

She wanted to buy 2 bags from FB.
one for me and one for her.
She paid and bought it last month.
The owner said it would take about 2 weeks.
Tapi dah nak dekat one month, the bag tak sampai2 lagik.
Then tiba2...

ada problem sikit. the supplier salah send ur bags. 2,2 lain. i am sooo sorry.."

It is her first time buying things online for the price of more than rm100.
And this happens to her.

I tergamam kejap, because I have bought bags via online up to 1K++,
but i have never come across with this problem.

I am not trying to say that we should not buy things online.
But then i guess you have to be sure of the person you are buying things from.

Susah gak, sebab nowadays ramai yang berniaga online for extra cash.
They need the money and all.

Macam nih lah. 
If you are selling things online. 
Do be 100% sure about your supplier and all.

My other friend pernah nak try jual crocs. Ambik order dekat rm15K worth.
But in the end supplier buat hal jugak.
Kesian dia.

So i guess i have seen two sides of the story. But then what is the supplier's story?



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