Wednesday, October 27, 2010

DSLR or Digital Camera?

Basically, if you have an event and really want to take great pictures
[ and are ready to haul large objects]
Bring along your DSLR.

But then after awhile, one will realise that
One need a compact Digital Camera.

My niece told me this,
right before I was ready to buy myself a DSLR.

"MakNgah, it is kinda difficult and tiring to bring along the DSLR. Most of the time, a simple Compact Digital Camera is more convinient"

Hence, i am hunting for a Compact Digital Camera.

Hahahaha... well when there is a function - Big Major functions - I would just grab their DSLR.

But, how often do I attend Big Major Functions ?

So , yes a compact digital camera would do.

At the moment i own the Sony Cyber-shot.

But my hubby keeps borowing it- Hahaha is that a good reason to buy a pink one this time?

Still looking around for the best CDC....

Nikon Coolpix - S80

Canon PowerShot S95

Canon Digital Ixus 100 IS

Any Suggestions?



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