Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Arissa & Iesha.

Yesterday I went back to Kd to pick Iesha.
The moment she saw my car, she crawled down to her door to greet me.

Her angry face . Must be because no one was home to tend to her .

I was busy unlocking the grill.
She was already in , waiting for me to unlock t he door.
You should have listen to her meows,
Maybe she thought that my dad was in.

To no avail, my dad was not home.
This time i  knew she was extremely angry with me.
She sat on the floor instead of the co-pilot seat.
Oh ya! that is her towel.

We dropped by Arissa's house.
Arissa was so excited to receive a furry friend.

Iesha admiring the garden by the sliding door.

Arissa wanted to play with Iesha.
but i guess Iesha was still in her angry mode.

Arissa took a step forward in trying her best to be friends with Iesha.
She was so adorable when she showed Iesha some of her toys.

Hehehehehe...I think that is sign la Tata!




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