Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Juvenile & Juvana

Ishk, i hate it when this happends.
And it still is.

Stories about me travel faster than me.
To make it worst.
Most of them are lies and accusations.
PLUS! it is told buy someone whom i barely know!


To me, that action is so juvenile.

It reminds me of kids in school and sometime college/universities students.

Please! To my dear friends, do not be so gullible.
Some stories you hear about others can be false and full of added 'MSG'.

That story might be told by someone who is trying to cover his/her mistakes.

And some of the stories ' the remixed version by our storyteller' happend a kezillion years ago! We were young and happy and unpredictable.

But for you to retell your version after 12 years ,
is just so


Crappy? Yes it is.



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