Thursday, October 21, 2010

Of Mini Minors and...

Mine was BAJ 444

Each time i see a Mini Minor, i would remember a group of friends i used to hang out with in the year 1993.
I was in form 3 and attending tuition classes at Damansara Utama.
It was way back when Uptown did not exist.
It was just a row of stall at the Police Station.
The SNILS stands for Sally+Nalie+Ieta aka Tata+Lynda+Siz aka Me!.
1 from CBN,1 from Sri Aman,1 from SMDJ and 2 from SMDU.

We were a bunch of crazy kids back then...really crazy.

Aaaaaaaahhhh.....many memories we share.

We hated the English teacher
[ haiyak! and i ended being one!]
We chased men in Harleys.
[ do not ask why ]
We ditched classes.
[ please do not tell our parents ]
We fought over boys
[ hahahaha..a classic story , and now i work in the same company with one of those 'boys']
We were the Cheerleaders for Rollerblade Team Malaysia
[Ieta was not involved - too bz with bf ]
We tormented a guy at Sunway Lagoon.
[ hahahahhahaha ]
We rode the NO 50 bus to go on dates and what not.
[ yes i took the bus k!]

But there is ONE memory that we would never forget!
The MiNi MiNor!!

I just passed the driving test.
My dad bought me a Mini Minor.
I was only 17!!
What i did was, i went to pick them up at their houses.
Lynda was just around the corner,
Ieta and Sally was in DJ
Nallie was in DU.
I drove us all around the area [ there was no LDP ya!]
To cut things short,
i nearly hit a CEMENT LORRY!
but Allah save up that day,
before i could hit the lorry [ which was just there in front of us!]
i hit the curb first.
The car automatically made a U-Turn by itself!
Do you know the traffic light at TTDI?
The one where you have to cross to go to One Utama?
One Utama was just the old wing at that time and it was staring at us.
You should have look at their faces!!
OMGness...We were laughing out loud like nobody's business.
But after the car did the trick - all were dead silent.


So that was the story we reminisced when Ieta aka TATA , Lynda and I had dinner yesterday.

She is the third girl in our group to get married.

I am so happy for her. Next to Tata, Lynda would the person i have alot of memories with.

She was there for me from day 1 i met her at the tuition centre.
[gosh i can still remember her face on that day]
We took a cab or the bus to DU for our tuition classes.
Aaah Tuition classes - An [ hihihihih, Tata shut up!]

My dad would always remember her whenever he sees a girl on rollerblades / in-line skates.
Cause Lynda used to come over to my house on it.

Oh ya!to show how crazy she is - She dyed her hair RED  and was known as Cik Merah.
[ Nallie's hair was BLUE ]

Friends since 1993 and it is 2010 now.
Do the Math.

Hmmm it is 415am , i really need to get back to sleep.

p/s who said i have no friends?!


Leverage Dkota said...

babe!! byk sgt memories dgn s.n.i.l.s..rasa mcm nk pegi balik zaman sekolah..huhu gila2..berani mati!! neway luv u all...muah2!!


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