Tuesday, October 12, 2010

I was stuck...

... with depression.

They key word here is stuck.
But anyway,
My cousin told me.
"Depressed souls tend to have relapses"

I am wide awake now at a very insane hour.

Had a very weird dream.
A few of my ex bfs were in.
Let us not go any further.
Simple because i forgot the details.


I have decided to justify my actions in thinking of buying a car.
I am currently driving  an 8-year-old-satria.
It had dents due to me being so 'unwell' that year.
It is yet to be fixed because i was so sad about the dents.
I have dont a few adjustments here and there [ well can't blame me, it is a SATRIA]

So i have decided to fish around for a new car.

Hence the arrival of a pink MyVi in my previous entry.

eh no no no.. i have not purchased it


Why MyVi , since i do not really like it [ exbf and enemies are driving it ]

But seriously,
what better MALAYSIAN car for less than rm50K?

I was juggling between the SE and LE.

But then, why don't i just be me.

That is ,
a person who like to do things out of the norm and also spontaneously loosing a few screws. Hahahahaha

I am glad when my dad said
" It is a wise move to buy a car. You are spending on unnecessary things nowadays"
I think he is referring to the bags!

Anyway, i am still up to suggestions and opinions regarding to this matter.
do email if you are shy..wjx7810@gmail.com





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