Saturday, October 30, 2010

Wealth Vs Me

Basically, i have given a lot of thoughts on this entry.

But i need to let it out and warn people about this.

Wealth.. does not give you 100% of want u want.

i was born with a silver spoon.

I had a driver to drive me anywhere i wanted at the age of 5 till 14.
Went to kindergarten in BMWs, to high school in Mercedes and also the school bus- hihihihi
Lived in a huge banglo at Taman TAR.
Flew in first class MAS.
Wore shoes and dresses from UK bla bla bla...

I am not gloating or bragging here. but just to let you know that i am talking based on my own experience.

the problem with people out there is that, they judge things that they  never had hands on.

tak faham?.. ala mcm org tak pernah rasa naik kete BMW , tapi dok kutuk org ada kete BMW kata bazir duit la apa la..cuba try naik BMW tenguk! best ke tidak..hihihih...

Okie let me go on..

I were friends with others like me.
But i think they were born in 'golden' spoon.hahahaha
They drove Honda Bullets at the age of 17.
They had credit cards to their disposal at the age of 17.
They went shopping buying the same thing in different colours
 [ rm500 each ok! - back in 1995 that was ALOT! ]
Bla Bla Bla Bla...

Some of my friends were artists too.
Rap group/Solo arist/ bla bla bla...

I had a great life... but that was what  i thought.

To live a larger than life , life - you need to pay a huge price!

So now when i see people around me who dok kejar kekayaan..i feel sad..cos i know how it will end.
and it is not something nice.

Family members would fight with each other
husbands and wives
brothers and sisters
close friends would end
Hidup tak aman langsung
Org dengki sampai hantar 'benda'
bla bla bla

So biler now when someone ask me, kenapa tak beli honda civic? suzuki swift?
[kalau ikutkan hati nak beli MR2, kete idaman sejak sekolah - oit bukan MRR2 k!- ]

Kenapa beli Perodua jer?
Haiya...i just smile.
The idea is to get from A to B.
Nak jimat minyak - giler! minyak dah mahal k.
sekali kete mahal2 tuh rosak - mau terduduk - naik LRT jer la kan..then nak repair bukannya murah!

lagipun , mari lah kita sokong barangan buatan Malaysia!! Yippee!!!

Hmmmm...yes, i buy my own things.

I taknak my hubby belikan Honda ke, Toyota ke, Suzuki ke...
i  nak beli dengan duit sendiri.
And yes, i rasa  MyVi SE tuh pon dah cukup mewah k!

Kenapa tak nak duduk rumah banglo besar?
Kenapa nak beli apartment jer?
Ishk! cuba try kemas rumah banglo besar tgk!
[ susah sikit nak percaya maid - bad experience la - it happened masa i 6 years old ]

i have to admit - i love Coach bags, i use an iPhone & iBookG4..
takkat tuh jer kemewahan i..

Anyway, back to the topic...i have tasted wealth , it brought too many bad memories so i opt to a very 'sederhana' life.

So to those yang dok kejar kekayaan -
sometimes you sound foolish when u brag about those things you have, those trips you went
it would not bring you happiness till u leave the planet

For those yang tgh merasai kekayan - pls manage it well ya...serious kena manage it well giler babas.

Nih bukan sebab dengki - tapi...sayang.


p/s Alhamdulillah dan Bersyukur sangat, selama 32thn di bumi nih - Allah pellihara I dari BUAT benda2 yang tak elok yang major!...sikit2 ada la - manusia biasa



Nina said...

i like!!!! hehehhee...

i believe in living comfortably with our family and loved ones. sure, money is important. but having just enough is fine with me. being rich takut pulak i coz i've never dreamt of being rich. only dreamt of kawin omputih and duduk negeri orang hahahaha! last2 dapat melayu minang jugak kikikiki

SiZ said...

Thank you kak nina!! hihihihih


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