Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Will my Diary be a Movie?

I have been seeing this book in bookstores.
And all this while i thought it is a book for kids.
Unfortunately i was wrong!
That was when i picked up the book and browse through it at e@curve.
A stall was selling books for  less than rm20 each.
If you buy 5, you'll get i free book!
The same stall can be found at Amcorp Mall too.
after i read the first few pages
i straight away decided- this is a book i would like to own!
No doubt it is a light read.
But it sure made me laugh out loud.
Great book for kids AND adults.
I love the cartoons!

Then i remember seeing this around.

Yup! it is now a MOVIE!

Here is a short summary from Wikipedia

"The first book begins with an introduction to Gregory "Greg" Heffley and his middle school life. It takes place during his first year of middle school.
The book also explains the "Cheese Touch" early on. I
t is just like cooties but more intense. I
n the book, a kid named Darren Walsh touches the Cheese with his finger.
 It is passed around the school,
and later gets to a German exchange student named Teter Mulen,
who moved to California still holding the Cheese Touch"

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