Thursday, August 26, 2010

Status Updates?

Just read this in Cleo's September issue:-

"With the spread of social media networks like Facebook and Twitter, we have turned into a generation of narcissits. How have we become so self-absorbed? - by Chris Lee"

This , i agree so much.
Talking from my own experiences in Facebook and Twitter, i used to update my status alot.
After awhile, i realised that it is not good at all to do so.

I was judged , critised, bullied and what not because of my status updates.

And now i am seeing others starting to update alot too
[ weirdly enough they were against it while i was at it ]

Especially those that are going through a hard time or a great time. They both update alot.

I do not know how to put it nicely so that it will not cringe you in anyway... so basically i am gonna be extremely blunt.

Scenario 1 : Someone who just delivered to a bundle of joy would paste tons of photos of their newborns.

The proud mother : Would describe in details how she was at the delivery room [ but seriously not all want to know ]

Reaction from others : Compliments to the parents the end the parents would become ---> NARCISSISTS.

Scenario 2 : Someone who just broke up with their bf/gf would end up telling all the details of the break up, who was bad ..and what not ----> DRAMA QUEEN.

Scenario 3 : You update your status , no one leaves a comment or two , how do you feel?....AHA!! Caught you there!

Okie i think it is enough with three scenarios.

The thing here is that, alot of us barely know those people in our friends list. We would only keep in touch with a handful but exposing our daily affairs and inner thoughts to lots of others [ who would end up using those status updates, photos and all against you ]

Oh Ya! Talking about photos!!!

Ishk, becarefull with what you upload.
Alot of those bad hearted people are waiting for you to have a weird picture of yourself uploaded.
Then they will talk and talk and talk and gossip and........

To sum my random thoughts:-

1. Limit and choose wisely people in your friends list
2. Dont just upload all the pics that you took.
[ if it can't be helped - well sharing is caring right? , make sure you customize your album's setting]



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