Friday, August 27, 2010

All cars in a row for Iftar.

Nope , we did not go for  holiday.
We were at my cousin's house for Iftar
[refers to the evening meal when Muslims break their fast
during the Islamic month of Ramadan.]

All cars in a row- minus Aiman's since he joined us much later.
We came from different vicinities.
Hence, the cars.

Then i realised,
yes we drive  Malaysian cars!!

This is a play time session.
I bought this cooking set for Insyirah [ my cousin's youngest daughter]
But she is not in the picture ya.
That is Syajdah [ age 8 ]
Farhan [ age 14 ]
Anisah [ age 18 ]
My dad [ age 70 ]
oh ya Aisya, age 19 was watching them

My family can be very wacky at times.
Well most of the time.



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