Wednesday, August 11, 2010


I am reading this at the moment.

"In Lucy Hawking's debut novel, William Gadget appears to have it all—
a high-profile, not to mention high-pressure, career as a London banker,
a pricey Notting Hill flat, enough money to keep himself in vodka,
even his own manservant.
But when he flees his apartment in the middle of the night wearing only his pajamas and claiming that his life is in danger,
it's left to his four best friends to uncover the source of his bizarre behavior:
Min, unlikely heiress and free spirit;
Jemal, the pragmatic, reluctant host of a popular television gardening show;
Dallas, a pot-smoking, B-level actor looking for his big break;
Mac, a rugged, tough-talking mercenary.
this unlikely crew sets out to uncover whether their friend is finally suffering a complete nervous breakdown, or if someone is indeed setting him up for a fall."



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