Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Fabrics For You...

This is my favourite!


Original Kokka fabric is here, imported all the way from Japan.

Lots of cute and imported Japanese cotton and linen fabric and other craft supplies you won't be able to find in Malaysia.




Very beautiful zakka handmade cotton ribbons that can be cut into labels.
Can be use to decorate your handmade craft.
This is a sample pack that will include random pieces of cut labels,
ready to be decorated into your fabric crafts.

This is a lovely sample pack of all and only linen fabric.
All linen fabric are printed with small cute character such as some
of the example shown here.

You will get 10 different pieces of linen fabric sample.

Measurement of each fabric sample is around 5" x 10" (12.5cm x 25cm)

Small fabric samples are suitable for quilting, patchwork, small fabric craft such as brooch, making buttons.
Other ideas include tissue cover, pouch, pencil case, wallet and handphone casing.
The creativity is unlimited!!



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