Thursday, August 5, 2010

Iesha's Mandi Time!

A day after her shower.

I went back to my parents house last Tuesday.
That means, i left Iesha with them for about 7 days.
The moment i was at the gate, Iesha was already crying out for me to open her door.
I missed her so much!
But then i felt so guilty after i found out that she was having fever!

Oh no!
Iesha must have been missing me so much.

The second reason for me to feel guilty is that, Iesha needed a bath!
She was frantically scraching herself.

I quickly took her to the vet.
Unfortunately, the nearest vet is closed on every Tuesday!


My next step was to grap a bottle of flea shampoo, a flea collar and flea ointment at the pet store.

I spent a good 30 minutes with her in the washroom.
I scrubbed her gently while talking to her [ i bet the neighbours are thinking that i am crazy]
She was so quiet and obedient.
But i had no idea whether she was liking it or hating me.

Below is the video i took after her shower.
Hmmm...please be reminded that Iesha is a 9 year old Persian.
And this is how a Persian would look like.
All FUR and skinny body!



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