Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Well, i am sure you have friends...close friends..acquaintances...cyber friends..

I had two friends [ yes i used the word had]
But we sort of had a big argument.
after a month or two of silence between us, i decided to say hi and tried to rebind the friendship.
but they declined.

but this is normal for me.

i mean, people ending friendships with me.

and most of it is because of backstabbers and bad influence from others.


why is it that, i am always not able to defend myself or even be given the chance to explain.

I would always forgive them , but when it comes to me being forgiven , nope!

my weakness is that, i would do anything for a friend who is in need.
but when i am the one in need, they would run away.

throughout my years with these 'friends' [ or ex-friends]
i defied my parents, i used up all my allowences, i broke rules, i would go all out with them.
but in the end - they left me for my one mistake.

some of them used my words against me and also tell others about my secret.

my mom did tell me years ago,
 "Do not get too close with anyone.Do not share any secrets with people you hardly know. It is a cruel world out there. It is okie to have one or two close friends. Having too many close friends would only cause trouble."

Now i understand why my mom said that - i am to emotional.
Hence, too many close friends would eat me from the inside.




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