Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Iesha so MANJA!

Haiyak, this girl is so manja nowadays.
She demands to be let out from her house,
so that she can enjoy the 'breeze' from the fan.
She can lay down for hours on our coffee table.
And also on my mother's favourite carpet.

Above, you can see her on my bed!
She would always take her spot infront of the huge bear , at the corner of the bed.
Then she sleeps.

yesterday, the moment she saw me,
she cried out!

but then before that,
my dad had let her out
she straight away went to my door,
and cried out for me to open it.
i was sound asleep in my mom's room.
a few minutes before i was rushed to the clinic for the drip.

yes yes yes,
she is definitely very MANJA now!



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