Monday, August 30, 2010

Merdeka Treat!

These are my reading for Merdeka tomorrow.
Bought at Bookxcess this afternoon. For RM9.90 each. 
I know it is an old book.
 But no harm in rereading after having read it years and years ago.
 I can vaguely remember the story line of Through the Looking Glass. 
So i decided to buy both to refresh my memory.
 It really reminds me of those days when i was young. 
My parents would come back from work with a few VIDEO TAPES of cartoon. 
I would replay it many times. I even imagined myself as Alice. 
I was alone for 7 years before my younger sister were around. 
So i basically had a lot of imaginary friends. 
It was fun, having imaginary friends. 
I could be anyone i wanted to be. 
And one of my favourite characters was Alice. 

Love the Cheshire cat.
[ I later learned that Charles Ludgwidge Dodgson a.k.a Lewis Carroll was born at Chesire. England]
Thinking of buying the cartoon.
Need to raid the DVD stores soon.




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