Sunday, September 5, 2010


Recently i was caught off guard by my dad's question while we were waiting for Yaya at Giant,Kota Damansara.

"Who buys things for you?"

I had that what-again? look.

Then i realised. My dad was referring to my shopping bags filled with raya gifts for others.

Okie, i have to admit. I find pleasure in buying things for others.

And this, my hubby agrees. [ at last both mohd aliS agree on something ]

Hmmmm, i might portray myself as a SHOPAHOLIC.

But then 80% of things i buy are not for me actually.

I buy and give to others.


i do not demand anyone to buy anything for me.

but then the only person i demand from is : Zahirah Mohd Ali [hahahaha]

worry not, for this raya i have bought myself a new bag. Alaaa the purple/pink/fuchsia Guess bag.



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