Thursday, September 2, 2010

That is me!

A lady with many nicknames.
That is me!

A lady who has many hobbies.
That is me!

A lady who is very disturbed at times.
That is me!

A lady who has a big heart.
That is me!

And the list goes on and on and on.

That is the reason why i [ or anyone else ] can actually describe me in a word.

Or maybe they can. I bet you would choose the word Weird.

Am i right?

Yes i do agree with my loved ones when they say i often think too much.

Hence the multiple blog entries per day.

No doubt it my strength and my weakness for being so.

i do get into trouble by thinking too much.

but my selfless thoughts often help others.

Being a LIBRA makes me a contradiction.

I scale out everything , with that i get confused most of the time.

The phrase give up would often pop out.

But my husband admired my adamant personality once.

yes it was way before, years before he decided to fall in love with me.

My parents said that i was their happy-go-lucky daughter. [ yes i used the word was ]

But now, i am basically LOST.

Things have not been going the way i want or planned it to be.

It is just a bunch of surprises. i bet you know there are two types of surprises.

Nothing is normal anymore.

Neither it is a routine.

I hate normal things.

I prefer uniqueness.

but then it pays to be different or out of the norm.

Because everyone seems to have the same idea to stand out from the crowd.




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