Friday, September 24, 2010

14 things...

...about me.

  1. i am an avid reader.[ i also read signboards!]
  2. i love chocolate but not chocolate ice cream.
  3. i would check out a guy's eyes and ears.[ TATA shut up!]
  4. i am nuts over maggie goreng.
  5. i am addicted to Coca-Cola.[ and my hubby hates this ]
  6. i am too loyal to my wjx7810.
  7. i have over 200 DVDs.
  8. i used to hate pink.
  9. i was a tomboy.
  10. i am afraid of the dark.
  11. i collect keychains and fridge magnets.
  12. i love to drive.
  13. i owned a mini minor at the age of 16.
  14. i was only allowed to wear jeans when i was in form 2.

Till then..Bye!



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