Saturday, September 18, 2010

4 baju?!

D: Kakchik, u have to tempah 4 baju for yaya's wedding.
Me: whaaaaat!!???
D: Alaaa..our side 2 majlis, shafiq's side pon 2 majlis , one in banting and one in Sungai Petani. next year i have to tempah 4 baju for the majlis!...
4 different colours!.
Nowadays, Yaya's eyes will be glowing and my mom is excited [all over again!]
Yes, my younger sister is getting married next year.
The last of Encik Mohd Ali and  Puan Zaharah's children/daughters.

It is going to be a grand event as Yaya is the youngest and Shafiq is the eldest...

Tata and I will be busy again!
Doing what we love the most.
SHOPPING!!! [ this time is better - sebab duit org lain- hahahahaha]



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