Thursday, September 9, 2010

The office at 715am on 08092010

Setakat nih yang ada kat office are Aida, Kak Midah and I...hihihi...

Yes, i am at the office trying to do something



Yesterday was so kecoh!
  • Some of my colleagues did last minute shopping.
  • Two were caught under the rain.
  • Julie's workstation had a surprise waterfall.
  • Liza's cake delivery was late.
  • Kak Anisah, Kak Nasha, Aida and I were wondering how our journey home would be as it is raining like cats and dogs.[ drivers tend to suddenly be monsters when it rains]
Basically, everyone was already in the Raya mood.

A stall at my office lobby was selling beaded baju kurung for rm50!

My journey back home was so challenging.

Massive jam everywhere + Migrain + Hungry + Manual Car
AKLEH+DUKE+PLUS highways+ Kota Damansara
[ short visit to parents' before i headed back to section 14 PJ]

Alhamdulillah, i reached section 14 PJ at 630 pm.

the traffic was superb this morning.
i guess most of the other morning drivers took leave.
The parking was 30% full.



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