Thursday, September 23, 2010

And things are..

... back to normal - a roller coaster that is.

i am 'eating' painkillers 3 times a day now.
after the mind boggling and adrenalin rush pre-raya,raya and now post-raya,
i am back to square one.
migraine+vomiting+purging [minus the laxative ya]

i am having weird is so DOLLHOUSE like a.k.a ECHO-ish?

i can be like doing something else and then without realising, i am SOMEWHERE else.
i do not think that it is advisable for me to drive [ cause i might end up somewhere other than HERE?]

I am officially the strangest woman you have ever met.

I pity my hubby the most.

but my cats are fine...

p/s i wonder are my stalkers still out there?...i see u...



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