Friday, September 17, 2010

As promised..

... i am back!

Wah!..what a great week for me. Lots of things happened.
Good and tiring. Nothing bad at all.

1st Syawal

Early in the morning on Friday ,i was up and about.
Hubby went to the mosque.
I had to check and make sure that the house is safe and secured before we left for Penang.
My children [ Kitty,Copy & Jinggo] were all at home.
Before we left, my hubby and i hugged and told them that we will be away till  Monday.
Kitty looked angry, she did not even say goodbye to my hubby.[ protest la tuh]
I told her to be in charge and asked her to wait for us on Monday night.

[ L-R : Aisya,Yaya,Me,Kak Long & Anissa]

We reached KD at 1030am. Ops! 30minutes late.
My father knows that i am always on time, so he asked why.
Hahaha, i told him that it took me extra 30  minutes to say goodbye to the kids.
He laughed and told me that, Iesha ran away from home earlier in the morning.
Iesha was headed towards the mosque nearby.[ Nak solat raya kot!]
Luckiky my dad found her and called her back.

[ Ali and my cousin's kids- Ali was teaching  Taufiq how to play the PSP game]

We left for Sungai Buloh at 12pm.
Kak Sah [ my hubby's adopted sister ] welcomed us to her house.
I had a paperbag filled with raya gifts for her and her children.

[This is Kitty - Kak Sah's Latest eddition]

We left for Taiping at 3pm.
I was so surprised to see so many cars on the road.
Most of the R&Rs were full. Alot of people were in their Hari Raya clothes.
The R&Rs were so colourfull!.

We arrived at Taiping at about 630pm.
Ali's ex-roomate welcomed us with a smile.
I had the opportunity to eat his mother's famous dishes.

At 730 we headed to Pematang Pauh where Ali's mother and grandmother are.
We arrived at 10pm..i was soo tired!!..
Slept like a baby in a kelambu!



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